img 3147 - All about my Shein skater dress

All about my Shein skater dress

Hey babes!

If you follow me on Instagram you already saw my posts about this dress, you all know that I am crazy for dresses! I know that I say it so often about the dresses I get on the mail but: I love this dress!

img 2985 - All about my Shein skater dress

This is my favorite color, a dusty pale pink, of the shoulders, cute and perfect for summer. The length is comfortable, above the knee, I ordered the size S and it’s just perfect on me.

img 2986 - All about my Shein skater dress

About the material, it’s very good and very well made, the material is not even a little see through, and I prefer like this! It’s amazing for the price.

ec10f86b 71a6 4482 a470 29a38b8ea649 - All about my Shein skater dress

The price:

You can get the dress for just $17.98 (or 16 €) HERE on pink and red:

img 3144 - All about my Shein skater dressimg 3145 - All about my Shein skater dress

They’re having sales and some discounts so don’t miss out! Click down below and save some money:

img 3146 - All about my Shein skater dress

Stay tuned for more affordable and amazing outfits 😘😘

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img 0286 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

Happy Monday loves!

A while ago I posted a Sassy My Prom wishlist. And I got an amazing black embroidered dress. img 0010 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

The quality

Well, I was very surprised at the quality of this dress, it feels very good, the material is excellent, the finish is amazing, you don’t get threads falling out, so I really liked it.

The size

The dress was perfect on my hips, I naturally have a problem find clothes that fits my waist and my hips at the same time, because I have 60 cm (23,6 inches) on my waist and 93 cm (36,62) on my hips, with this dress is was the same problem, perfect on my hips but the waist was a little too big, so I fixed it myself (I always do it) because I prefer that my clothes fit good my hips and I fix the waist and everything is fine!

The price

You get this dress for just $18.50! So you can stop what you’re doing right now and check it out! It’s amazing! So good quality for this price!!

The shipping

They have international shipping! I just share with you websites that ships internationally!


img 0283 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

If you would like to see some other options please check out my wish list!! HERE

I hope you liked this small review!

See you next time


img 0128 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

Sincerely Silver Necklace

Hello boys and girls, if you follow me on Instagram you saw that I just posted a new pic wearing a very cute necklace (If you don’t follow me yet, just click here and check it out).

img 0117 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

So, I received this necklace almost a week ago, and I’ve been using it since then, because I wanna share with you not just the product but my impressions about it.

The design is very very cute, this is the kind of necklace I like (besides the chokers, which I am using a lot lately). Simple and elegant.

img 0106 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

A closer look:

7718166608 img 1151 - Sincerely Silver Necklace7718166608 img 1153 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

Price and website


You can get the necklace on the website for $40.00, which is a fair price in my opinion.


Some other options:

img 0120 - Sincerely Silver Necklaceimg 0121 - Sincerely Silver Necklaceimg 0122 - Sincerely Silver Necklaceimg 0123 - Sincerely Silver Necklaceimg 0124 - Sincerely Silver Necklaceimg 0125 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

Another thing that I love on this website is that you can personalize some necklaces, with names, dates or whatever you want! It’s perfect for a gift!

The shipment

They don’t have a page about it on the website but yes, they have international shipping, and the price depends on where you live.

The packaging and shipping time

7718166608 img 1149 - Sincerely Silver Necklace

The pack is normal and simple, it came in a plastic envelope, and it took just one week to arrived in Germany, it’s not long!

I am just in love with this necklace, make sure to check out their website and tell me on the comments which necklace is your favorite!!

Where you can learn more about Sincerely Silver:

Official website:



I hope you liked this small review!

See you next time!

img 1331 - How to wear: Ripped Jeans

How to wear: Ripped Jeans

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s “how to wear” is about ripped jeans, don’t forget to check out the other posts: how to wear military jackets and crop tops.

  • Casual

Ripped jeans are perfect for a casual look, just add a white simple tee and you’re ready to go!

  • Elegant

Add some classic pieces and get an elegant look, use trench coats, boots or some elegant accessories.

  • Wear it with boots

I love this combination, specially with ripped skinny jeans.

  • With a long jacket
  • Denim + denim

See you next post!

acfc7e1b a6a2 40bf b8f7 b5a957cdbba7 - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian

Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian

Happy Wednesday! How are you doing today?

Well, there is a long time since I post the last Get The Look post, I really like them, so today our inspiration is this casual look from Kourtney Kardashian, simple sweater, pants and boots.

img 1218 - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian


15117671561326081069 thumbnail 800x - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
High Neck Cable Knit Sweater
US$14.99 HERE
15050925769251726372 thumbnail 800x - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
Turtleneck Raw Cut Dip Hem Sweater
US$19.99 HERE


15084860192657244527 thumbnail 600x - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
Turtleneck Pullover Sweater
US$21.00 HERE


15075413724459882305 thumbnail 800x - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
Striped Tape Side Sweatpants
US$17.99 HERE


Black Faux Suede Lace Up Pointed Ankle Boots
Black Faux Suede Lace Up Pointed Ankle Boots
$80.99 $42.99
Black Leather Knitted Panel Pointed Heeled Boots
Black Leather Knitted Panel Pointed Heeled Boots
$160.99 $139.99 HERE


Sun Glasses


c9d7a248 913a 495f 982d 20b04a4e826c - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
Metal Frame Eyeglasses
€11.47 HERE
8f2d8eda 54cf 4e10 8796 d5b346f572c0 - Get the look: Kourtney Kardashian
Sunglasses €3.99 HERE


img 1221 - Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

So, 2018 is here, let’s talk about some fashion trends that you’re going to see and wear this Spring / Summer!

  • Pastel

For the Spring / Summer you’re going to see lots of ice cream shades, pastel pink, violet, green and blue are the trend.


  • Denim

Denim is back, remembering us on the 2000s!


  • Trench coat


  • Bright Shades


  • Plastic


  • Pencil Skirts


I’m really liking these trends for the Summer, what about you?

Thanks for reading!

See you next post.



img 1106 - Choies Dresses Wishlist + Coupon

Choies Dresses Wishlist + Coupon

Hi everyone!

Today I chose some dresses to share with you! They’re all from the website Choies, an amazing website that you should visit right now! Don’t forget to check out your favorites and use the code ebates10 to save 10%!

Red V-neck Dipped Hem Spaghetti Straps Cami Lace Dress
Lace Dress – $18.99 HERE
Yellow Tie Sleeve Shift Mini Dress
Tie Sleeve Mini Dress – $17.99 HERE
Red Plunge Sheer Lace Frill Open Back Sleeveless Maxi Dress
Lace Maxi Dress – $29.99 HERE
Yellow Off Shoulder Embroidery Floral Flare Sleeve Mini Dress
Yellow Off Shoulder Mini Dress – $24.99 HERE
Hot Pink Velvet Spaghetti Strap Lace Up Back Dress
 Velvet Dress – $21.99 HERE
Burgundy Velvet V-neck Open Back Thigh Split Maxi Dress
Split Maxi Dress – $26.09 HERE
Blue Velvet V-neck Tie Shoulder Mini Dress
Tie Shoulder Mini Dress – $26.09 HERE
Burgundy Velvet Off Shoulder Pleated Midi Dress
Pleated Midi Dress – $29.69 HERE
White Off Shoulder Ripped Long Sleeve Knitted Bodycon Mini Dress
Ripped Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress – $31.49 HERE
Black Spaghetti Strap Plunge Lace Panel Thigh Split Maxi Dress
Split Maxi Dress – $27.99 HERE
Burgundy Halter Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Ribbed Bodycon Dress
Bodycon Dress – $17.99 HERE
White Plunge Open Back Ruched Detail Bodycon Mini Dress
Bodycon Mini Dress – $17.99 HERE
Khaki Faux Suede Spaghetti Strap Split Detail Lace Up Back Dress
Faux Suede Dress – $28.99 HERE
Light Orange Contrast Lace Panel Skater Mini Dress
Skater Mini Dress – $18.99 HERE
Black Halter Sequin Detail Split Side Open Back Mini Dress
Black Mini Dress – $19.99 HERE

Don’t forget to check out their sales! Click on the banner down bellow!!

Christmas SaleThank you for reading!!


a61c967f9c9838df82a11aadbd903a47 simple cat eye makeup how to how to wing your eyeliner - Foolproof Cat eye Guide

Foolproof Cat eye Guide

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share with you some tips that helped me to improve my cat-eye techniques. I hope this guide will help you too!!

Bildergebnis für cat eye tutorial

1. Draw a line at an angle 

Lower your eyelid so you have a smooth service to draw on. Then draw a line from the outer corner of your eye up at an angle. Remember, the liner should continue the your natural eyeliner, so please, don’t finish and draw the wing before the corner of your eye (this is a big mistake!).

2. Create a triangle

Create a triangle shape by connecting the top of your flick down to your lash line

3. Fill in the triangle

For this step I prefer using liquid eyeliner.

4. Connect the triangle to your lash line

Draw a liner on the lash line, but remember that the liner should be thinner near your inner corner!

Some other tips:

  • If you’re a beginner use cream or gel eyeliners, they’re easier to work with.
  • If you don feel confident enough you can start by using black eye shadow instead the eyeliner.
  • Plant your elbow on a flat surface, it will make everything easier.
  • If you’re starting with liquid liner make dots first, then connect them.
  • Don’t pressure the eyeliner or brush against the skin.
  • The eyeliner size depends on your eye size.
  • Try to do it with your eyes opened.
  • To make the wing look sharp use a little foundation with a concealer brush to clean up.
  • Don’t forget to prime your lids.

I hope this tips are going to help you!

Thanks for reading!!





img 0929 - 2018 Makeup Trends

2018 Makeup Trends

Golden Glow

michael costello bks i rs18 2335 1505067991 - 2018 Makeup Trends
Michael Costello
image - 2018 Makeup Trends
The golden highlighter is a trend for 2018. You can see that a lot of of bloggers, editors, and celebs are wearing and reviewing the golden highlighters lately.  

Some options:

image - 2018 Makeup Trends
Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter,$34.00, available at Sephora.
image - 2018 Makeup Trends
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder, $4.99, available at Ulta Beauty.

Upside-Down Liner

image - 2018 Makeup Trends
. All you have to do is use a shadow or liner in your preferred shade to line your bottom lash line. 

Graphic cat-eye 

Jill Stuart -
Jill Stuart – NYFW
Jason Wu -
Jason Wu – Rounded, dark green cat-eye

Smudgy liner

adam selman bks v rs18 5925 1505067993 - 2018 Makeup Trends
Adam Selman

Twiggy Lashes

image - 2018 Makeup Trends
 The models at Dior’s spring 2018 show

Pink eye makeup

brock collection bks i rs18 1393 1505067994 - 2018 Makeup Trends
Brock Collection

Pics: and