Romwe Casual Outfit – Bomber Jacket + Jeans

Hello loves! I am sorry that I didn’t  post for a while, I got to resolve some problems and a lot of stuff happened (not so good things) but now I am back, and I hope you didn’t forget me haha.

Let’s jump into the outfit, today’s look is a very casual one, you all know that love to make posts about casual outfits, and for this one I used a embroidered bomber jacket by Romwe, and a pair jeans.


The jacket

Like I said before this one is a embroidered pink and black bomber jacket. I wanted to put my hands on it for a while and now it’s finally here. 😀


The quality

Like all the other Romwe products I reviewed I love the quality on this one, no problems to me. And like always, it fits really well!

The price

You all know that Romwe has amazing affordable products and this one is not different!


Get Romwe Bomber Jackets HERE (starting at $7)

The jeans


I really like the style of this jeans, it’s like  a simple and classic pair of jeans but there is a darker stripes all long the legs and it has ripped hems, of course I loved it!

The quality

As the jacket, it’s great, the only problem was that (like I already said on another review post) my hips are too larger than my waist, every time pants fit good on my hips you can expect that the waist will be a little too big, that’s what happened with these jeans, but it’s not a big problem, I am used to it.


Get Romwe jeans HERE (starting at $5) 


I hope you like this mini review! And don’t forget to check out the sale!

15215996137999542843 - Romwe Casual Outfit - Bomber Jacket + Jeans


SheIn Embroidered Skirt

Hey guys!

Let’s talk about another product that I am in love with: my new SheIn embroidery skirt:


Just like all the other things I got from the Shein website I am n love with this skirt, again, the quality is amazing for a so affordable price!The embroidery is just perfect!


The back:


The top I used is from my black  2 pieces set, which I posted HERE another day.

Get the skirt HERE

15081495675498926016 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
SHEIN Botanical Embroidered Cord Skirt


Get the black set HERE

14720322493208028729 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
Bardot Neckline Top With Drawstring Pants

I picked up some other very nice mini skirts which you NEED to have a look on!


15054384783991509242 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
High Waist Plaid Mini Skirt
US$21.00 HERE


15087520881356342373 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
SHEIN Faux Suede Floral Embroidered Skirt
US$14.00 HERE


14979212589110822068 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
Destroyed Fishnet Insert Fray Trim Denim Skirt
US$15.00 HERE



1466138188647012511 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
Black Lace-Up Fly Dual Pocket Raw Hem Skirt
US$15.00 HERE



15142818050113447557 thumbnail 600x - SheIn Embroidered Skirt
Space Dye Tweed Skirt
US$15.00 HERE


I hope you liked this outfit 😀


See you next time!


Romwe Skinny Jeans

Happy Thursday loves!


This week I got on the mail a small pack from Romwe with this amazing skinny pants:


It’s a middle waist skinny black jeans, with red, white and blue stripes on the side, perfect for a casual look.


The size

Just like the last Romwe product I posted this pants fit me really well, not too big, not too small, just perfect, like skinny pants should be.


Quality and Price

I love the quality on this pants, it’s amazing for the price. You can get it just for $11.09, it’s really affordable! Until now I didn’t find something to complain about this pants, I just love it!

15078576851887869968 thumbnail 800x - Romwe Skinny Jeans
Stripe Contrast Side Skinny Jeans

The website ships internationally! And they always have amazing sales and deals, you should click on the banner and don’t miss out!

WWW HotSale 20180205

I hope you liked this post!

Please share with us your experiences and thoughts!


NewChic Wishlist

Hello girls and boys, today I am going to share with you another wishlist, from an amazing website named NewChic, it’s one of those websites that you need to visit right now!

I’m going to ink my favorites down bellow, don’t forget to check them out! Let’s get started and please share with us your faves too!

They have an amazing sale right now, don’t miss out! Click HERE and check it out!

493 1513567910 201 - NewChic WishlistBottoms

d97b3c6e 561f 4f5d 8668 1dd277bc197b - NewChic Wishlist
High Waist Black Pants – $21.36 
8c180218 5242 4636 9b5d 0d4703d171a8 - NewChic Wishlist
Wool Pants – 34.42 €
80f22287 1c94 429c 9588 a15cced150d1 - NewChic Wishlist
Burgundy Ripped Pants – 16.07 € 
93e61236 2e47 4317 b078 5bd8ff56ced9 - NewChic Wishlist
Embroidery Mini Skirt – 21.70 €
f45775a7 1cd3 a85b b6fb 9a96d48724bc - NewChic Wishlist
 Pleated Lace Skirt €7.58
fd81d1f4 a809 45fa a17e 1afe27e491be - NewChic Wishlist
Rose Embroidered Ripped Skinny Jeans €29.84


270962f7 e07f f930 f0d1 8eaf7a706e4e - NewChic Wishlist
Batwing Sleeve Knitwear Sweater €12.48
a1bb9a95 073d 47e0 8bb2 83ca49fbf189 - NewChic Wishlist
Army Green Coat €38.81
2dde581c 4ec9 4ce6 96ac 0a70b9f5b1c4 - NewChic Wishlist
Leather Jacket
f93299b9 ab07 4672 8119 0f6804ef7f6c - NewChic Wishlist
Wool Coat €39.04
5db8aafb 7690 427c a96d 7939be88b13e - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Fur Coat €51.41
07f2c985 905f 4c7d b6c9 0afb978ac203 - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Fur Gray Coat €48.19
2006f01a 4e8a 4c4f 9b17 548e2cea7060 - NewChic Wishlist
Sweatshirt €24.92
e4670af0 77b3 46bb ba72 a1feedc0beff - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Leather Jacket €31.91
855b2a1f 2095 4c79 b826 18d4ad5fc16d - NewChic Wishlist
 Faux Fur Coat
e0fcf40e 6c7a 44ea 9e30 ae6c9b530e77 - NewChic Wishlist
Red Coat €33.56


bf3c37a0 4695 444f ac72 7d7d0f7e0c1b - NewChic Wishlist
 Long Sleeve Blouse  €19.75
bf84db63 7b15 4718 8929 fc83a931be00 - NewChic Wishlist
Stripe Off-shoulder Blouse €14.55
47354519 727e 4220 9bf5 257b8e5fa758 - NewChic Wishlist
Long Sleeve Shirt €14.07
c5928a28 1d6c 4192 877a 931e553e4e3e - NewChic Wishlist
Denim Shirt €34.37
3970b7a2 1d2b 434a 8c6e 8b1bd8a06e7f - NewChic Wishlist
Choker T-shirts €16.12
29943a36 e98f 4d06 951f e78e965b78fe - NewChic Wishlist
 Off-shoulder Blouse €11.54
50ba9fd3 d9de 42ff 96a0 400a5f2c8a5a - NewChic Wishlist
Dinosaur T-shirt €10.91
4da83ae5 a681 4b43 97aa 6a4f2b2e934a - NewChic Wishlist
 Crop Tops €9.77
4f14c611 3c15 48f4 ac44 1232ff974990 - NewChic Wishlist
T-shirt €18.29


ba72afb4 642a 45bd 81bd 03ae27c253ea - NewChic Wishlist
  Mini Dresse €18.95
939fee3b 5c64 4cac ba2e 51a9439f011e - NewChic Wishlist
Floral Print Maxi Dress €16.77
596c2e09 9309 4161 973d 20ed7605a0cc - NewChic Wishlist
Foral Dress €14.44
eacff17a aa21 42e0 a59c 93a26d1890ab - NewChic Wishlist
Sexy Velvet Mini Dress €18.09

493 1514428783 87 - NewChic Wishlist

Thanks for reading!!


Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Review

Hi everyone!

To day I am reviewing a product that  I got on my Glossybox this month, the Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover, I was so excited to test it, an now I am going to share with you the results.


On the pack says that the towel “removes even the hardest parts of makeup from the skin, leaving it soft and without any residue.”


I’ve been using to remove my makeup the whole week, but to show you I’m going to make some swatches on my arm and remove just a half using the towel.

Let’s get started!


It removes foundation very well, you can see on  the images down bellow, I removed a half of the product and the skin was completely cleaned.

img 0743 - Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Review

Liquid Eyeliner

It didn’t work so well to remove eyeliner, you can see on the images, it removes but you can see still a little the residue.

img 0745 - Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Review

Eye Pencil

I really like how it removes eye pencil, no residues, completely clean.

img 0746 - Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Review


I tested with three kinds of lip products, a lipstick, a very bold liquid lipstick and a lip lacquer. And the result was very good!

img 0747 - Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover Review

I really liked this product, I’m definitely going to use it a lot!

Did you ever used the magic makeup remover? Did you like it? Let us know!

See you next post!


December 2017 KissMe Lipsticks

Happy Thursday girls and boys!



‘Tis the season to be Mauve, and our December LiveGlam Lippie Club, KissMe collection has the perfect shades to wear to any holiday festivity. They’re also perfect dupes for these sold out Kylie Lipstick colors!

A imagem pode conter: maquiagem

The shades



I am in love with Naples! And you?

Where to find: LiveGlam KissMe Lipstick Club

The Cost: $19.99

Coupon: Get a free bonus lipstick with your first month! No coupon required, just use my link

Or – save on longer subscriptions! There’s no code required, just use my link to get a discount on 6 and 12-month subscriptions! Sign up for 6 months and get $10 off, or sign up for 1 year and get 1 month free!

The Products: Every month’s shipment contains three unique colors – mattes, metallics, and more!

Ships to:US and Worldwide. (Shipping is free to the US; $3.99 International)

Which shade is your favorite?

See you next post!


Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017

Happy Saturday people! another day i received my November Glossy box! And I am loving these products!

img 0610 - Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017


DAYTOX Clay Mask – 19,99 €

img 0612 - Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017


L.O.V Lovinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer N 300 – Mauve Majesty – 5,99€

img 0613 - Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017

Absolutely love this color!

Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover – 9,95€

I am going to review this products another day.


Doucce Freematic Blush Mono “Prime Time” + Case – 11,75€ (blush) 8,40€ (case)

img 0615 - Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017


Kryolan Eye Shadow Primer – €16,80

img 0614 - Glossybox November Germany / Austria 2017

I really like the products on this box! What about you?

See you next post!


Girl, you NEED these chokers! + Giveaway

img 0393 thumbnail - Girl, you NEED these chokers! + GiveawaySome months ago (yes MONTHS I am late with this post)  I got a pack with some things from the website, which is one of that websites I die for! Affordable and good stuff, I am going to post a wishlist later, but from now I am going to talk about some chokers I got on this pack, I love chokers, they#re so sexy and female, and it’s a simple trick to complete any outfit.
I remember when I as a kid, the choker was a big trend, and it’s back, introduced last season by Dior and Alexander Wang, for example, and since it’s back I am loving it!

They’re very usable, and very affordable, it’s the kind of thing you really need!

They have some other options, for example, colorful chokers.

Gothic Hollow Out Lace Retro Collar Choker Necklace Charm Pendant Jewelry
$0.73 – HERE


Fashion Womens Boho Choker Simple Leather Chain Necklace Gothic Jewelry New
$0.80 – HERE

You can find more options on the website. Do you like chokers?

Let us know!!

I am going to give away a kit with 10 chokers, just follow my blog, like and comment this post and visit the website!

See you next post.



Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

Hi everyone! Today I received my first German / Austrian Glossybox, and I am going to share with you what is inside and give my first impressions.

img 6647 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017


The products


Nivea Protect & Shave – Price 5.99 €

img 6648 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017


Müsli Mousse Maske, Soft Peeling

img 6649 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimemer Lotion – Price: 26 €

img 6650 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

This highlighter has a very soft glow, for  a natural luminous look, it can be used mixed with the foundation, or on the body.


Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – Price 15.20 €

img 6651 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

Well, I am not a fan of dry shampoo, but it’s a good idea sometimes.


Modellaucher Savanna Sun Bronzer – Price 18.75 €

img 6652 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

img 6653 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

The bronzer is very cute with a ocelot stamp in it, I didn’t use it yet, I am going to talk more about it after testing.


Hello Beauty Oval Brush n 4 – 14.95 €

img 6654 - Glossybox Germany / Austria August 2017

I love oval brushes, and this one has a very good quality.


I am going to review some of these products later!

Thank you!!

Kisses :*

Aliexpress Shoes Review #1

Shoes on websites like AliExpress and LightInTheBox are very, very affordable, but are they good? Today I am going to show and review some of the high heels I ordered on these websites. And I am going to link all the products in the case you wanna order them too.
For the review I am going to analyze: price, material, quality and characteristics. I am going to make two posts about the shoes, on this first I am going to talk about three of them.

So lets get started!

Red and Blue

I ordered two different colors of the same shoes, red and blue, they very basic pumps, goes good with almost everything, when you wanna give a color to your outfit!



Price: The price is very affordable, you can get these shoes for just $9.51 – $10.61, but you sacrifice a little of the quality when you buy shoes on this price!

Material: It looks good! I can’t say that it’s amazing, but it’s very good for this price. I personally thought that these shoes would have a terrible material, but no, they’re good for the price!

Quality: The quality is okay, like I said before it’s good for the price, on the blue one you can see a little glue on the down part, but nothing apparent. I use these shoes almost never, and when I use it’s just for some hours, so it’s okay if they’re not perfect!

Characteristics: It smells! Yes, it smells when it’s new, smells like shoes glue. But it disappear after some days. If you order them, take a number bigger, they’re tight.

So, what’s my final thoughts? I would give 7/10. They’re enough and good for this little price.



Nude “D”


Price: It coasts a little more than the last one, $13.80 and it’s again a good price.

Material: The material is very good, these some dollars makes the difference, the material is higher quality, comparing with the other.

Quality: No glue marks, the sole is red and made of a good material, the finish is amazing, so you get a very good pair of shoes for this price.

Characteristics: It smells too, but not bad like the other. There is a “D” on the back and I don’t know why. You can choose the colors: black, blue, green, pink, nude and red.

It worths 9/10


I hope you liked this review, if you wanna see more reviews of clothes and shoes, please, let me know!