IMG 0875 - NewChic Wish list

NewChic Wish list

Happy Saturday, beauties!

Today I am making another wish list, this time I picked up some amazing stuff from the website NewChic (I already talked to you about this store another post).

I got some things from them and I loved everything, so I am sharing with you some other clothes, shoes and accessories from their website.


17634dd0 63f9 4462 abfc daa3d1880510 - NewChic Wish list
Floral Embroidered Back Maxi Dress
US$ 45.74 HERE


e2d60689 f8a2 4a6e b3cb 63f073e541bc - NewChic Wish list
 Floral Print Off-shoulder  Dress
US$ 36.65 HERE


811ad6fa 068f 4d16 b249 5c561a58ec93 - NewChic Wish list
Solid Grey Velvet Dresses
US$ 82.96 HERE


2a25dd26 d166 4547 99c6 ba69f9f31043 - NewChic Wish list
Floral Print  Dress
US$ 34.29 HERE


c1e3cf0c a71f 41c3 a161 d417cde1fdc4 - NewChic Wish list
US$ 15.65 HERE


d36315f4 d665 4b43 a485 3588c312b67f - NewChic Wish list
Off-shoulder Embroidered Mini Dress
US$ 29.68 HERE


7fd7b92a a528 4848 a7a2 63edba814c34 - NewChic Wish list
Casual Sleeve Shirt Dress
US$ 29.23 HERE


c3116622 41a2 4739 b007 1d8a580ad41f - NewChic Wish list
Burgundy Mini Dress
US$ 20.91 HERE





93e61236 2e47 4317 b078 5bd8ff56ced9 - NewChic Wish list
Vintage Floral Embroidery  Mini Skirt
US$41.79 HERE


f45775a7 1cd3 a85b b6fb 9a96d48724bc - NewChic Wish list
PU Leather Skirt
US$14.70 HERE



af95af58 7a10 42a0 a049 68d35918dac5 - NewChic Wish list
Skinny Jeans
US$33.32 HERE


98ad6b72 585f 4dcc ac16 f221dd2c2e71 - NewChic Wish list
 Embroidery Ripped Denim
US$47.41 HERE


fd81d1f4 a809 45fa a17e 1afe27e491be - NewChic Wish list
Embroidered Ripped Skinny Jeans
US$52.26 HERE


4e23bc0c f6a8 40b5 897d 5c3ea9586b1f - NewChic Wish list
 Denim Embroidered  Jumpsuit
US$62.12 HERE


664be15c f048 4b6f 92ff 75214faa02a3 - NewChic Wish list
 Spaghetti Jumpsuit
US$41.01 HERE


4b745ac2 696f 4203 9878 08ab11fd36d9 - NewChic Wish list
 High Waist Jumpsuit
US$18.14 HERE




09d88a3e 94e3 44bc a544 50aed180d138 - NewChic Wish list
 Faux Fur Coat
US$44.98 HERE


7061b679 809d 4fdd b71e e2e0a9ee8f6a - NewChic Wish list
Casual Coat 
US$44.51 HERE


bf1e4883 9f4a 4bf6 81c7 7ae40edd4bb7 - NewChic Wish list
 Leather Jacket


5c07156d b20c 4453 9518 dcaafd01cbc9 - NewChic Wish list
 Long Coat
US$78.99 HERE



f93299b9 ab07 4672 8119 0f6804ef7f6c - NewChic Wish list
 Wool Coat
US$67.09 HERE


93c02bae f46f 4b4d aadb 09797311a754 - NewChic Wish list
Solid Color Overcoats
US$118.96 HERE



b1e67d92 5b33 429a 9c44 4c9ca41dec14 - NewChic Wish list
Pointed Toe Square Heel


ebff8a2d 6e36 49ea a1c5 37c469f3efe8 - NewChic Wish list
Rose Flower Chunky Heel 


96462dd3 1622 ec4f e9ba 7703d5a4ff91 - NewChic Wish list
Red High Heel 


f7875874 fbec fb37 e180 ddbf883b2b4b - NewChic Wish list
 Suede High Heel 


e6c07592 3d05 4c83 b3a3 4c569fbfe0a6 - NewChic Wish list
Transparent  Sandal


008448cd 38de 4cda 85e5 94f20707dc3f - NewChic Wish list
Orange High Heels 


df369634 6f3f 4f0f 82a7 c6303434ca54 - NewChic Wish list
Transparent Sandals


f9029c1d 1fbd 4fe0 b2e8 96387ee4dc65 - NewChic Wish list
Color Blocking Stilettos


ebc97261 98b6 40a7 9c5c b929c2b0c1ab - NewChic Wish list
Red Stiletto Sandals



381db894 5259 440c a317 f455ea17b190 - NewChic Wish list
Missyoung Matte Liquid Lipstick 


NR Black Mask Peel Off Mud Blackhead Remove Mineral Mud Pore Clean Deep Cleansing
 Black Mask Peel Off 


99bce652 b3e2 4719 ad4f 918799c52401 - NewChic Wish list
O.TWO.O Make Up Liquid Highlighter



25c9cace 9ef5 1474 7c2c 27f6fe8c274a - NewChic Wish list
5 Pairs False Eyelashes


8d80aaf2 d756 4f6f 8271 5cb13bcb88b7 - NewChic Wish list
Charcoal Black Mask Cleansing 


c1a09fab d689 4e1b 9e5d 48a7249b485d - NewChic Wish list
FOCALLURE Metallic Lipstick 


ffbbf37b dade 4021 a6cd 1b8d8a8e7baf - NewChic Wish list
Beauty Glazed 35 Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette 


I hope you liked it, this website has so many amazing things, you should check it out! They have international shipping!


139 1521547275 649 - NewChic Wish list





img 1208 - NewChic Wishlist

NewChic Wishlist

Hello girls and boys, today I am going to share with you another wishlist, from an amazing website named NewChic, it’s one of those websites that you need to visit right now!

I’m going to ink my favorites down bellow, don’t forget to check them out! Let’s get started and please share with us your faves too!

They have an amazing sale right now, don’t miss out! Click HERE and check it out!

493 1513567910 201 - NewChic WishlistBottoms

d97b3c6e 561f 4f5d 8668 1dd277bc197b - NewChic Wishlist
High Waist Black Pants – $21.36 
8c180218 5242 4636 9b5d 0d4703d171a8 - NewChic Wishlist
Wool Pants – 34.42 €
80f22287 1c94 429c 9588 a15cced150d1 - NewChic Wishlist
Burgundy Ripped Pants – 16.07 € 
93e61236 2e47 4317 b078 5bd8ff56ced9 - NewChic Wishlist
Embroidery Mini Skirt – 21.70 €
f45775a7 1cd3 a85b b6fb 9a96d48724bc - NewChic Wishlist
 Pleated Lace Skirt €7.58
fd81d1f4 a809 45fa a17e 1afe27e491be - NewChic Wishlist
Rose Embroidered Ripped Skinny Jeans €29.84


270962f7 e07f f930 f0d1 8eaf7a706e4e - NewChic Wishlist
Batwing Sleeve Knitwear Sweater €12.48
a1bb9a95 073d 47e0 8bb2 83ca49fbf189 - NewChic Wishlist
Army Green Coat €38.81
2dde581c 4ec9 4ce6 96ac 0a70b9f5b1c4 - NewChic Wishlist
Leather Jacket
f93299b9 ab07 4672 8119 0f6804ef7f6c - NewChic Wishlist
Wool Coat €39.04
5db8aafb 7690 427c a96d 7939be88b13e - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Fur Coat €51.41
07f2c985 905f 4c7d b6c9 0afb978ac203 - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Fur Gray Coat €48.19
2006f01a 4e8a 4c4f 9b17 548e2cea7060 - NewChic Wishlist
Sweatshirt €24.92
e4670af0 77b3 46bb ba72 a1feedc0beff - NewChic Wishlist
Faux Leather Jacket €31.91
855b2a1f 2095 4c79 b826 18d4ad5fc16d - NewChic Wishlist
 Faux Fur Coat
e0fcf40e 6c7a 44ea 9e30 ae6c9b530e77 - NewChic Wishlist
Red Coat €33.56


bf3c37a0 4695 444f ac72 7d7d0f7e0c1b - NewChic Wishlist
 Long Sleeve Blouse  €19.75
bf84db63 7b15 4718 8929 fc83a931be00 - NewChic Wishlist
Stripe Off-shoulder Blouse €14.55
47354519 727e 4220 9bf5 257b8e5fa758 - NewChic Wishlist
Long Sleeve Shirt €14.07
c5928a28 1d6c 4192 877a 931e553e4e3e - NewChic Wishlist
Denim Shirt €34.37
3970b7a2 1d2b 434a 8c6e 8b1bd8a06e7f - NewChic Wishlist
Choker T-shirts €16.12
29943a36 e98f 4d06 951f e78e965b78fe - NewChic Wishlist
 Off-shoulder Blouse €11.54
50ba9fd3 d9de 42ff 96a0 400a5f2c8a5a - NewChic Wishlist
Dinosaur T-shirt €10.91
4da83ae5 a681 4b43 97aa 6a4f2b2e934a - NewChic Wishlist
 Crop Tops €9.77
4f14c611 3c15 48f4 ac44 1232ff974990 - NewChic Wishlist
T-shirt €18.29


ba72afb4 642a 45bd 81bd 03ae27c253ea - NewChic Wishlist
  Mini Dresse €18.95
939fee3b 5c64 4cac ba2e 51a9439f011e - NewChic Wishlist
Floral Print Maxi Dress €16.77
596c2e09 9309 4161 973d 20ed7605a0cc - NewChic Wishlist
Foral Dress €14.44
eacff17a aa21 42e0 a59c 93a26d1890ab - NewChic Wishlist
Sexy Velvet Mini Dress €18.09

493 1514428783 87 - NewChic Wishlist

Thanks for reading!!