Orange / Brown Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a makeup tutorial using the I heart Makeup Chocolate Orange palette, and the makeup is like this:  chocolate and orange.




Step 1


Apply the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean all over the lid and blend the edges with a pencil brush.


Step 2



Use the shade Orange on the crease and blend it with circle motions.


Step 3



Use Nibble under the last shade, to dark it up.


Step 4



Blend it on the top of the first shade, this one will be our transition shade.


Step 5



Use Segment all over your lid.


Step 6


Apply eyeliner on the bottom lash line but just until the middle of your eye.


Step 7


Use the shades Orange and Nibble and blend out  the eyeliner.


Step 8


For my inner corner I used a loose powder highliter


Finish with mascara and some falsies!


You can watch this tutorial HERE on my YouTube Channel!! 



Valentine’s Day Red Makeup Tutorial

Hey beauties!

Another day I created a red/cranberry makeup tutorial, using the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Rose Gold eyehsadow palette.

Image may contain: 1 person, close-up


The makeup is super easy, I just uploaded the tutorial on my YouTube channel.


Image may contain: one or more people and close-up


Click HERE to watch it!


Foolproof Cat eye Guide

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share with you some tips that helped me to improve my cat-eye techniques. I hope this guide will help you too!!

Bildergebnis für cat eye tutorial

1. Draw a line at an angle 

Lower your eyelid so you have a smooth service to draw on. Then draw a line from the outer corner of your eye up at an angle. Remember, the liner should continue the your natural eyeliner, so please, don’t finish and draw the wing before the corner of your eye (this is a big mistake!).

2. Create a triangle

Create a triangle shape by connecting the top of your flick down to your lash line

3. Fill in the triangle

For this step I prefer using liquid eyeliner.

4. Connect the triangle to your lash line

Draw a liner on the lash line, but remember that the liner should be thinner near your inner corner!

Some other tips:

  • If you’re a beginner use cream or gel eyeliners, they’re easier to work with.
  • If you don feel confident enough you can start by using black eye shadow instead the eyeliner.
  • Plant your elbow on a flat surface, it will make everything easier.
  • If you’re starting with liquid liner make dots first, then connect them.
  • Don’t pressure the eyeliner or brush against the skin.
  • The eyeliner size depends on your eye size.
  • Try to do it with your eyes opened.
  • To make the wing look sharp use a little foundation with a concealer brush to clean up.
  • Don’t forget to prime your lids.

I hope this tips are going to help you!

Thanks for reading!!





MOTD #1 Pink 

Today I created a look using the Think Pink Palette by Coastalscents (I reviewed it HERE). My camera is not the best but I took some pics of the look. 

img 6778 - MOTD #1 Pink 

img 6779 - MOTD #1 Pink 
img 6781 - MOTD #1 Pink 
On my lips I’m wearing KissMe Lipstick on the August shade Pink Cherry.

img 6780 - MOTD #1 Pink 
I showed this month KissMe shades on this post, check it out. 


How to contour your face: Square

Hello beauties!
Today I am sharing with you how to contour the square face.
Some examples:

This face shape is very equal, as we can see on the pics, the forehead and jawline are a similar width in appearance.Square_face_shape

How to contour:



  1. Add the darker tone on the temples, going down on the down part of the cheekbones, looking like a “C” shape near the hair line.
  2. Add the dark shade on the jaw line.




  1. Eyebrows: Apply light foundation up on the browns and on the brown bone.
  2. Apply on the center of the nose and beside the nostril.
  3. Apply on the highest parts of the cheekbones.



It should look like this:


If you have any questions, please, let me know!


Makeup Inspiration for Today: Peach Blush

Happy Monday!

Today’s inspiration is the peach blush, this shade suits perfectly light skin,  (if you wanna know which blush shade goes perfectly with your skin tone let me know on the comments, I can make post just about it!).

Pics: sugarsocialbeauty, eunamoda, inttothegloss, @anastasiabeverlyyhills , myweddingguides.



How to REALLY contour your face

Hi everyone! Today’s post is about counting. 

Before telling you how to contour your face I’m going to introduce the visagism technique. 

The very short definition of visagism is “the art of creating a personal image that shows the qualities according the physical characteristics of every single person”, so, the makeup, hair cut, for example, should respect your physical characteristics. 

For that we use the contour. Everyone one has a different shape of face. Because of this usually that contour that works on your favorite YouTuber doesn’t look great on you when you finally try it.

 Your face can be oval, round, long, square, heart or diamond, (sometimes we can find more than one shape on the same face, but I’ll talk about it on other post).

img 5678 - How to REALLY contour your faceImage: Makeup in India

The visagism says that the most harmonic shape of face is the oval one. So we basically use the contour to “transform” every other shape of face to an oval form.
How to know the shape of your face: 

Analyze your face, your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, etc. and try to creat a real shape on your face. When we see our face as shapes the contour will be easier.

We use a darker and a lighter products to creat light and shadow, shaping and sculpting the face. 

The darker product should be 2 tones darker than your foundation, you shouldn’t use a too dark product, the same with the lighter product, it has to be 2 tone lighter than your foundation, not too light! 

You can use: 


img 5679 - How to REALLY contour your face

img 5680 - How to REALLY contour your face

Or foundation for the corrections

img 5681 - How to REALLY contour your face
You have to apply this products on the right place to shape your face. For that you need to know which shape your face has. 

I’m  going to make one post per week explain how to do contour in every shape of face. Which shape would you like to see first? Let me know on the comments! 

Thanks for reading! 

See you next time 😘❤

Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise is perfect for the summer! So let’s get some inspirations from this wonderful color!

img 5507 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5506 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5504 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5499 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5503 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5501 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes

img 5502 - Makeup Inspiration For Today: Turquoise Eyes
Would you wear turquoise eyes? Let us know!! 


Makeup magic with Nuz, Aurora amor por el Maquillaje, Alison Henry, beautifyandcrratify, Dausell, Painted Ladies.

Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

Hi guys, today’s inspiration is about this makeup trend: the monochromatic makeup, the ideia is to wear the same color for eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Let’s get inspired!

img 5471 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5475 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5474 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5470 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5469 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5473 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup

img 5472 - Makeup Inspiration for Today: Monochromatic Makeup
Do you like the monochrome look? 

Pictures: Beauty Coach, Leigh Dickson Artistry, Desi Perkins, Blogthings, Refinery29, Makeup Gazette.