How to get a flawless skin

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 I bet you already caught yourself looking at celebs pics on events and red carpets, and thought: omg! Her skin looks so flawless! How can I get a skin like this with makeup? 

So! Today’s post if for you! On this post I’m showing you some tricks to be flawless! 

Thermal Sprays 

img 4914 - How to get a flawless skin
You can use it before the makeup, so you will have a lot of benefits like reduced redness and hydrated skin (specially if your skin is dry). And you can use it after the makeup ready, so it will set everything and your skin will get a natural look! 


img 4916 - How to get a flawless skin
First of all you need to choose the right moisturizer for you skin type, it’s very easy and simple, this step is essencial to have a good makeup. And not just before the makeup, try to do it daily! 


img 4917 - How to get a flawless skin
I already listed here my favorite primers! And this is a very important step for looking flawless, because it helps to minimize pores and lines. 


img 4919 - How to get a flawless skin
Use the highlighter wisely! On the right places: 

img 4921 - How to get a flawless skin
Usually we apply highlighter on the highest places of the face: cheekbones, nose (not on the tip of the nose!), eyebrows, chin. But be careful, highlighter shouldn’t be too much!


img 4924 - How to get a flawless skin
Like the highlighter, the counting should be enough, not too much and not too less! 

For counting, you should respect the shape of your face! Remember, the counting the looks good on that YouTuber that you love not necessarily will work on YOUR face. You have to know your own face before counting. The biggest mistake you can make is to do that “patronized” counting that the YouTube girls are ALWAYS doing! 

I can make a post explaining the counting on every shape of face, what do you think? Let me know!! 


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Essence Favorites 

Essence is one of my favorites affordable brands. They have very good products for a so nice price. Today, I’m going to tell you my favorites and I want to know your favorite Essence products too! 
img 4686 1 - Essence Favorites 
I have very short lashes, when I want them to look fuller I apply this mascara, and it does a great job! 

PRICE: 2,25 € (I bought here)


img 4694 - Essence Favorites 
This palette with 3 highlight shades is very good, if you don’t use highlight often and you want to start, that’s a great product for you! 

Some swatches:

With flash

img 4696 - Essence Favorites 

No flash 

img 4695 - Essence Favorites 
PRICE: 3,95 € (sells here)


img 4697 - Essence Favorites 
This is my FAVORITE Essence product! This is the best affordable translucent powder I have ever used! I really recommend this one! 

PRICE: 2,95 € (sells here)


img 4698 - Essence Favorites 
This palette has so beautiful rose shades and they’re very pigmented. It has shimmering and matte shades. Some of these shades remind me on the Naked 3 palette, maybe they’re good dupes! I can make a post comparing the both.



img 4699 - Essence Favorites 
No flash 

img 4700 - Essence Favorites 

PRICE: 3,95€ (sells here)

If you already used one of this products let us know! We love to hear opinions! 

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New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics 

Kylie Jenner posted on her snapchat pictures of her new highlighter, named Kylighters, of course. 

She’s launching 6 gorgeous shades:

img 3697 - New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics 
The shades look absolutely amazing! 

img 3700 - New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics img 3699 - New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics img 3698 - New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics 
The swatches:

img 3695 1 - New Kylighters by Kylie Cosmetics 

They will launch February, 28, at 3 p.m. (I can’t wait 😫) 

Which shade is your favorite? Let us know! 

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