Green and Elegant: Shein Outfit

Hello beauties! How are you doing?

Today I am sharing with you another outfit, for this post I chose a green two pieces outfit by Shein. I confess that when I chose this outfit I was wondering if this was the right choice, why? Simply because I am not a girl who loves to wear green (even that I love this color) I swear it’s very rare that you’re going to see me wearing green!

But I wanted something new, so, that’s it, and it looks amazing! I am going to share with you some pics and make a mini review of this outfit!


The material is amazing, feels so good and fresh, it’s perfect for Summer, the day I wore it, it was sunny and very warm, but even like that it was very comfortable to use!


This set is very affordable, you can get it for $ 15 (or 13).

15166752361330474659 thumbnail 600x - Green and Elegant: Shein Outfit
SHEIN Strappy Neck Cami Top & Pants Co-Ord
US$15.00 HERE

Don’t forget to click on the banner and check their offers!

15294667232156990634 - Green and Elegant: Shein Outfit

Various Kinds Of Gemstones And Different Shape

There are various kinds of engagement rings under 500, when you are most likely already aware, but additionally bear in mind the cut from the stone, or setting, from the ring. There are a number of various ways the gem could be cut,then formed to suit appropriately in to the ring setting.

il fullxfull.1243188393 a36d  93726.1503387287 - Various Kinds Of Gemstones And Different Shape

For instance, one of the most popular gem cuts is actually a Princess cut morganite ring, which describes the way the gem is cut which the right quantity of facets the stone is offered. (Make reference to the Princess Cut portion of this Hub).

Listed here are various kinds of gem cuts and ring setting shapes. Should you aren’t sure which kind of reduce your sweetie prefers, it generally is a victorious one to choose an excellent Round or Princess cut, or stick to a band.


Otherwise, just suck up and are available out and get, and have a reliable closest friend take it in conversation and pass the data onto you. With the different cuts and ring shapes, it may be pretty confusing to try and choose the perfect ring.

The confusing part is available in if you need to keep in mind that the cut from the gemstone isn’t the shape from the gemstone.

For instance, you’ll have a round gemstone inside a Princess cut setting. Or you might possess a Round cut gemstone inside a square-formed setting. Add some gemstone chips (also referred to as pave diamonds) and a few baguette cut diamonds quietly, and you may observe how it may become mind-boggling pretty rapidly.

If you’re able to keep in mind that the cut from the gemstone and quantity of facets will be to enhance the brilliance from the stone once the light hits it from the direction and to really make it shine brilliantly, as the shape is just the way the stone is placed in to the rose gold opal engagement rings, may it be a pear, oval, star, heart, etc.

Ways to Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair Without Hair Curler

Curls will always be perfect on all hair types and virgin extensions. Curling irons, hair dryers along with other types of electrical curlers may appear to complete the special moment for some time, and provide you with perfect curls, but as time passes it might damage hair, thus which makes them look dull, frizzy and rough. The good thing is that the flawlessly full curls is possible easily without using hair Curler or any other costly and dangerous equipment what is actually important? It’s extra cheap. Here are 3 ways to twist your virgin Malaysian extensions without hair curler.


Achieve Natural waves through braids. Firstly, Start with washing and conditioning. Then comb out carefully to make sure there aren’t any tangles because these could be a show spoiler. Make use of a towel to get the surplus water. Let your hair to dry until it’s moist. Start to braid your moist extensions into two pigtails. Then make use of a rubberband or hair tie to secure the guidelines.

However, should you desire looser-searching waves, braid your virgin hair into one rather of parting them. You may even decide to create a fishtail braid that is good, if he strips must have more length than your extensions.Enable your hair stay in braids until it’s perfectly dry. Whenever your hair are dry, remove the rubber bands and unbraid hair. Lightly run your fingers using your hair to produce natural-searching waves.

body wave remy human weave brazilian 1b - Ways to Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair Without Hair Curler

Creating Roller Curls. You can buy your rollers at any beauty shop. When choosing, compare how big the rollers to the duration of your virgin hair. Big rollers can give your hai big and extended curls while small ones will give you small , short curls., Next, shampoo and condition your extensions after which you’d proceed to get the surplus water having a towel. Leave the extension until it’s moist. Then start curling.

Comb hair completely to make sure you will find zero tangles before beginning creating your curls. Make use of a tail comb yo divide a little portion of hair. Roll your hair split into among the rollers. Go to pin sequence in position. Do that till your whole extension is folded.Leave your hair this way for a few hrs. The least four hrs. This could give your virgin hair set. Once it’s dry, remove the rollers carefully. That’s it, your amazing curls are positioned.

T-Shirt creates Tight Curls. This might seem strange. however, start by washing and conditioning your extensions. Then carefully tell you it having a comb to assist eliminate all tangles. Make use of a soft towel to get the surplus water. Leave your extensions until it’s moist. Cut a t-shirt you do not take care of any longer into lengthy strips. The strips must have more length than your extensions. Cut in the neck completely towards the hem. Do that til you have enough strips from your shirt.

Let how big the strips equate to the kind of curls you would like from your hair vendors. For small curls, the strips ought to be 1 ” (2.5 centimeters) wide as well as for bigger or looser curls, they must be about 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) wide.Even without the a t-shirt shirt, other products of clothing may be used. For example lengthy socks, dish towelsand even paper bags. Start to roll hair. Separate a little portion of hair utilizing a comb. Place the foot of a strip using the tips of the hair. Roll hair in the tops towards the roots. Ensure you will find the strip till in position. When you are done moving completely for your scalp, Secure the folded hair in position by tying the ends from the strip or else use a Bobby pin or perhaps an hair clip.Enable your extensions to obtain totally dry, then carefully remove the strips and release hair. Make certain to become gentle if you would like your curls tight.

That’s it, your curls are positioned. You peut-rrtre un can tell you it having a wide tooth comb if you would like your curls transformed into waves. They are three amazing methods for you to achieve beautiful perfect curls without hair curler or using any heat mechanism. They’re easy, cheap, leaving your virgin Malaysian hair with zero damage done.

10 bikinis to slay this Summer

As Diana Vreeland would say: “The bikini is the most important thing since the atom bomb.” Who can disagree? You just can’t have enough bikinis! Because of that I am here today to share with you some amazing bikinis to slay this Summer.

15209252583954254123 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
SHEIN Crisscross Tropical Print Bikini Set
14981901818149883328 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Block Striped Off The Shoulder Bikini Set
1522806405904753506 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Lettuce Trim Self Tie Bikini Set
14930251082521610356 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Chevron Print Ruffle Design High Waist Bikini Set
15199781612096140834 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
SHEIN Criss Cross Detail Bikini Set


15118318144252996931 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Off The Shoulder Bikini Set
15198900877872011915 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Flower Print Bandeau Bikini Set
1524553870319144363 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
SHEIN Mix & Match Bandeau Bikini Set
15161530848362633405 thumbnail 600x - 10 bikinis to slay this Summer
Knot High Leg Bikini Set



Get the look: Kendall Jenner

Hello everyone!

Today’s look is inspired in Kendall Jenner’s basic outfit:

Denim shorts + white tee



15257710483509936057 thumbnail 600x - Get the look: Kendall Jenner
SHEIN Frayed Hem Denim Shorts


ASOS | ASOS DESIGN Ultimate Crew Neck T-Shirt
ASOS DESIGN Ultimate Crew Neck T-Shirt


14790868503600065966 thumbnail 600x - Get the look: Kendall Jenner
White Breathable Rubber Sole Low Top Sneakers



Shein Burgundy Dress

Hey beauties,

I got this dress by Shein on the mail a while ago, I think this is my favorite piece I got from them so far!



The dress

It’s perfect for the spring, the material feels so good, it fells soft and smooth, and it feels amazing on the body! And its burgundy, yes, boys and girls, I absolutely love this color! For clothes, accessories and makeup too.



This dress is simple and stunning.



The price

You all know I like to share affordable and good pieces with you, and this one isn’t different, you can get this amazing dress just for $17

15133234641629194099 thumbnail 600x - Shein Burgundy Dress

Get this dress HERE


And you can choose between 6 different shades!


The website has international shipping! And don’t miss out the Mother’s Day pre sale!

15256828352648920094 - Shein Burgundy Dress








How to wear boyfriend jeans – SHEIN

Hello boys and girls!

Today’s outfit is all about my Shein boyfriend jeans!


The jeans

They’re ripped light jeans. Perfect for a casual outfit, they fit perfectly with sneakers or even with high heels!



The Price and Quality

You can get these jeans for only 19.95€ (or $23.53), the quality is amazing like always, but like always, the jeans are a little too loose on my waist, but as you all know every pants look like this on my waist! It’s not the jeans’ fault!

1467351491529116974 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN

Gets these jeansHERE

How to wear: boyfriend jeans inspiration

Wear it with a basic white t-shirt:

15175621092912960701 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$ 8 HERE

With colorful accessories:

15129851860487427630 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$12 HERE

With high heels

14828260937385329486 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$32 HERE
15202351992256944265 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$32 HERE

With blazers

15253986653310900820 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$26 HERE


1523431205209263272 thumbnail 600x - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN
$16 HERE


As you know they have international shipping, and amazing sales!

15256828352648920094 - How to wear boyfriend jeans - SHEIN

Click on the banner and check it out!!


See you soon!

Pins are so cool – Old English Enamel Pin Competition

Yes boy and girls, pins are so cool, since 2015 the enamel pins are here to help you to show your style and personality everywhere.

Why are enamel pins so cool?

They look cool, they’re like emojis that represent your mood and tastes, it’s the perfect touch for more personality on pieces like denim jackets, for example. It’s vintage and I love it!

index.php?gf download=2018%2F04%2Fenamel pin collection small - Pins are so cool - Old English Enamel Pin Competition

How can I use them?

Be creative! You can take a look on Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration!

On Denim

HOW TO STYLE YOUR DISNEY PINS...on a jean jacket.


Disney pins have made their way from lanyards at the Parks to everyday fashion.


Denim Oversize is better!
Marie Jensen 


Leather Jackets

Do you ever look at your closet full of clothes and think, “Ugh, I have nothing to wear?” Yup, been there. Once the guilt of being such an ingrate wears off, I halfheartedly pull out a few items to wear and imagine how much easier this whole outfit curating process would be if I only had this accessory or that accessory. When we’re in a style rut, it can seem like the solution is to just buy more clothes you like.


Resultado de imagem para enamel pins on leather jacket



Resultado de imagem para enamel pins on hat


Resultado de imagem para enamel pins on hat


Resultado de imagem para enamel pins on bag


Resultado de imagem para enamel pins on bag


If you like this style, why not to get some of those for free?? Old English is giving away a set of pins!

enamel pin competition

It’s easy to participate! Click HERE and check it out!


Some cool Old English pins

pineapple enamel pin


hand lettered love heart enamel pin


High five enamel pin


you're my fox enamel pin
monstera leaf enamel pin


good things enamel pin


pizza enamel pin

Take a look on their collection and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!

That’s why you need a plan in 2018 – Old English Competition

Hello people!

Today I am going to share with you 4 reasons to make a plan this year, and no! It’s not too late for that, we still have 8 months and 24 days to make your new year resolution come true, and nothing better than a plan for that. So why do you need a plan?

1. To set your priorities 

This is the chance to define what you wanna do and why you want, think about what is important for you and how you can use your time better focusing on these priorities.

2.It will help you to keep the Balance and control

A plan will make you keep the things on the place they should be, and make you stop procrastinate. Some people feel like they have to sacrifice family, job or other things in order to save time for other activities, if you don’t want this to happen to you, you should make a plan.

3. A plan you help you to view your future better

When you plan your life you have a more clear view of your priorities, who you are and what you want, like this you see yourself in a position to create a action plan for getting there.

4. A better position

When you make a plan you write down necessary strategies and steps to reach your goals, that’s why you develop a better position, you see clearly that you can actually reach your goals when you’re prepared for them.


To help you to start planning your life, what do you think about winning a set of planners? Old English is giving you the chance to win all this 4 planners:

Planner 2018 - planner 2019- planner 2020

They’ll be picking one winner at random on the 26th April 2018. Click HERE to know how to enter.

Take a look at for more beautiful planners!

Do you have a plan? Let me know on the comments!




So, I am spring cleaning my blog

Yes boys and girls, I am cleaning my blog, I feel like I’ve been post the same and focusing just in one think: outside beauty, fashion and makeup. I love these things, but I feel like I can bring much more content than this, I am more than this and I would like to share with you a little more of WHO I am, not just what I wear. So I made some changes here.

The name

Well, you all know my blog was called “beautybycarolina”, I decided to change that, I don’t wanna sound like a beauty guru, so now I am Caramel Carolina, and I feel like this name (even if it’s a crazy name) can describe more of my personality, a little crazy, a little cute, anyway, just myself.

The content

I’m still gonna post about makeup, fashion and inspiration, but I’m going to post about other things that I love, my routine and a little more about living abroad, I’m going to show you some things about Germany / Austria and how it was for me, a Brazilian girl, to make so many changes last year.

A new blog

It’s not just a restart, I’m going to create a new blog in Portuguese for my Brazilian followers, and I really hope you’re going to enjoy this new blog, new me!

Any question or post ideas please let me know on the comments!!

Kisses ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️