You NEED these brushes

I am in love with cute brushes, there are so many glittery and solorful brushes, and believe me, you NEED IT! I searched some to share with you. (I tried to find stores that ship wordwide).

Blue and Violet

This set comes with 12 brushes, Powder brush, Blush brush, Foundation brush, Eyeshadow brush, Eyebrow brush, Fan brush…
PRICE: $8.99 -> HERE

Rose Gold

On this set you get 7 brushes: Blush Brush,Foundation Brush,Eye Shadow Brush,Eyebrow Brush…
PRICE: $9.49 -> HERE


This is a face brush that you can use for foundation or contour, it’s so cute!
PRICE: $3.26 -> HERE

Green Unicorn

This set has 7 brushes: 4 face brushes and 3 eyeshadow brushes.
PRICE: $9.39 -> HERE

Mermaid Tail

This is my favorte! It’s so beautiful!! I AM IN LOVE!
PRICE: $12.99 -> HERE


This set is so cute too! You get 6 brushes: Blush Brush,Powder Brush,Eye Shadow Brush…
PRICE: $7.88 -> HERE

Mermaid, again

Another mermaid one, because I’m loving it. This has 6 brushes too.
PRICE: $9.68 -> HERE


The last one is the purple set, it looks so pretty! You get 10 brushes on this set.
PRICE: $14 -> HERE

Which one is your favorite?


Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

She’s amazing! And now you can have makeup brushes inspired on her! 

img 5061 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

I’m just in love with these brushes. The brand Luxie Beauty just launched gourgeus face makeup brushes, and it comes with a smal mirror! 

img 5066 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

img 5062 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

img 5064 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

img 5063 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes

img 5065 - Wonder Woman Makeup Brushes
The brand is vegan and cruelty free! You can buy there wonderful brushes for $95 here

Did you like it? I loved! 


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