SHEIN DreSs - Shein Summer Dress

Shein Summer Dress

Hello! Such a long time that I don’t post, I am sorry for that. This time I really have an explanation, you all can’t imagine how much is going on right now! I wrote this post almost a month ago and I couldn’t post because I simply didn’t have connection, I moved from Austria back to Germany, so I am waiting for the company that is going to install my internet, and worse than that is the fact that I don’t have connection even on my cellphone here on this city I am now (I am going to make a post later about my new apartment and affordable decoration). But, I am coming back with daily posts again, so let’s start with this wonderful dress!



If you follow me on intagram you probably saw the cuttest post I ever made, wearing the cuttest, princess, summer dress by SHEIN.

This dress just feels so good! I wore it on a very warm day during day out in Austria and people couldn’t stop looking at this dress! I got a lot of compliments. Best of all is that the dress is really comfortable and perfect for summer.


As you all know SHEIN has amazing clothes for really affordable prices, this dress you can get for $21.84 (19€).


15057296386253777743 thumbnail 600x - Shein Summer Dress


Don’t forget to check out their sales!

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  1. Lovely. You’re the picture of summer in that dress.

  2. You are so beautiful and that dress is amazing!! Wow it’s crazy to think you went from Australia back to Germany. I live in the United Sates and never travelled to either country!

  3. So pretty! I love the puffy sleeves (:

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