Green E280A8Outfit - Green and Elegant: Shein Outfit

Green and Elegant: Shein Outfit

Hello beauties! How are you doing?

Today I am sharing with you another outfit, for this post I chose a green two pieces outfit by Shein. I confess that when I chose this outfit I was wondering if this was the right choice, why? Simply because I am not a girl who loves to wear green (even that I love this color) I swear it’s very rare that you’re going to see me wearing green!

But I wanted something new, so, that’s it, and it looks amazing! I am going to share with you some pics and make a mini review of this outfit!


The material is amazing, feels so good and fresh, it’s perfect for Summer, the day I wore it, it was sunny and very warm, but even like that it was very comfortable to use!


This set is very affordable, you can get it for $ 15 (or 13).

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SHEIN Strappy Neck Cami Top & Pants Co-Ord
US$15.00 HERE

Don’t forget to click on the banner and check their offers!

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  1. This is so pretty! I’m obsessed with olive-colored clothing (:

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