Wanderlust: my list (part 1)

For those who do not know I love to travel, I think almost nobody hates traveling, right? As you all know I live in the middle of Europe, and I’m dying to know some places around here, so why not enjoy that I’m here and know some of these cities?Thinking about it, the other day I made a list of some cities that I want to visit until the end of 2019, some of them I already know but I would like to spend more time there. In other posts I’ll tell you some places I’ve visited, but for now we’ll just talk about some plans.

Vienna – Austria

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This one I already know, I’ve been there a few times but I’ve never spent enough time, Vienna is one of my favorite cities, I’m going to make a post about Austria and Austrian culture on the future.

Füssen – Germany

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The biggest reason that would lead me to this city is this beautiful, wonderful castle, the Neuschwanstein, isn’t it the most beautiful thing? It was built by King Ludwig II here in Bavaria in 1869 and worked as a model for the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disney.

Cassis – France

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Cassis is a paradisiacal seaside town in the south of France, I’m not the biggest beach fan but that’s for sure in my plan, the reason? I think the photo speaks for itself.

Verona – Italy

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The first of the Italian cities here is Verona, besides being a beautiful and extremely romantic city there is a place where that I love to know: The House of Juliet. Yes, Juliet of Romeo, a medieval building that carries a lot of history, some fictitious others true.

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If you want to know more about these stories worth watching the movie Letters To Juliet, which tells the story of the tradition of placing love letters on the walls of the facade of the building.

Stockholm – Sweden

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Going further north we have Stockholm, I have never visited Sweden, as I am passionate about history and art, this city has lots of museums that I really wanna know, and speaking about going to Sweden I would love to try a Swedish dish called Surströmming which is nothing more than a rotten, fermented and canned fish, I have a Swedish friend who says it’s great, what do you think?

img 1076 1 - Wanderlust: my list (part 1)

For today it’s all, I’ll do part two with 5 more cities to visit in Europe.

See you next post!

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