IMG 0875 - NewChic Wish list

NewChic Wish list

Happy Saturday, beauties!

Today I am making another wish list, this time I picked up some amazing stuff from the website NewChic (I already talked to you about this store another post).

I got some things from them and I loved everything, so I am sharing with you some other clothes, shoes and accessories from their website.


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Floral Embroidered Back Maxi Dress
US$ 45.74 HERE


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 Floral Print Off-shoulder  Dress
US$ 36.65 HERE


811ad6fa 068f 4d16 b249 5c561a58ec93 - NewChic Wish list
Solid Grey Velvet Dresses
US$ 82.96 HERE


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Floral Print  Dress
US$ 34.29 HERE


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US$ 15.65 HERE


d36315f4 d665 4b43 a485 3588c312b67f - NewChic Wish list
Off-shoulder Embroidered Mini Dress
US$ 29.68 HERE


7fd7b92a a528 4848 a7a2 63edba814c34 - NewChic Wish list
Casual Sleeve Shirt Dress
US$ 29.23 HERE


c3116622 41a2 4739 b007 1d8a580ad41f - NewChic Wish list
Burgundy Mini Dress
US$ 20.91 HERE





93e61236 2e47 4317 b078 5bd8ff56ced9 - NewChic Wish list
Vintage Floral Embroidery  Mini Skirt
US$41.79 HERE


f45775a7 1cd3 a85b b6fb 9a96d48724bc - NewChic Wish list
PU Leather Skirt
US$14.70 HERE



af95af58 7a10 42a0 a049 68d35918dac5 - NewChic Wish list
Skinny Jeans
US$33.32 HERE


98ad6b72 585f 4dcc ac16 f221dd2c2e71 - NewChic Wish list
 Embroidery Ripped Denim
US$47.41 HERE


fd81d1f4 a809 45fa a17e 1afe27e491be - NewChic Wish list
Embroidered Ripped Skinny Jeans
US$52.26 HERE


4e23bc0c f6a8 40b5 897d 5c3ea9586b1f - NewChic Wish list
 Denim Embroidered  Jumpsuit
US$62.12 HERE


664be15c f048 4b6f 92ff 75214faa02a3 - NewChic Wish list
 Spaghetti Jumpsuit
US$41.01 HERE


4b745ac2 696f 4203 9878 08ab11fd36d9 - NewChic Wish list
 High Waist Jumpsuit
US$18.14 HERE




09d88a3e 94e3 44bc a544 50aed180d138 - NewChic Wish list
 Faux Fur Coat
US$44.98 HERE


7061b679 809d 4fdd b71e e2e0a9ee8f6a - NewChic Wish list
Casual Coat 
US$44.51 HERE


bf1e4883 9f4a 4bf6 81c7 7ae40edd4bb7 - NewChic Wish list
 Leather Jacket


5c07156d b20c 4453 9518 dcaafd01cbc9 - NewChic Wish list
 Long Coat
US$78.99 HERE



f93299b9 ab07 4672 8119 0f6804ef7f6c - NewChic Wish list
 Wool Coat
US$67.09 HERE


93c02bae f46f 4b4d aadb 09797311a754 - NewChic Wish list
Solid Color Overcoats
US$118.96 HERE



b1e67d92 5b33 429a 9c44 4c9ca41dec14 - NewChic Wish list
Pointed Toe Square Heel


ebff8a2d 6e36 49ea a1c5 37c469f3efe8 - NewChic Wish list
Rose Flower Chunky Heel 


96462dd3 1622 ec4f e9ba 7703d5a4ff91 - NewChic Wish list
Red High Heel 


f7875874 fbec fb37 e180 ddbf883b2b4b - NewChic Wish list
 Suede High Heel 


e6c07592 3d05 4c83 b3a3 4c569fbfe0a6 - NewChic Wish list
Transparent  Sandal


008448cd 38de 4cda 85e5 94f20707dc3f - NewChic Wish list
Orange High Heels 


df369634 6f3f 4f0f 82a7 c6303434ca54 - NewChic Wish list
Transparent Sandals


f9029c1d 1fbd 4fe0 b2e8 96387ee4dc65 - NewChic Wish list
Color Blocking Stilettos


ebc97261 98b6 40a7 9c5c b929c2b0c1ab - NewChic Wish list
Red Stiletto Sandals



381db894 5259 440c a317 f455ea17b190 - NewChic Wish list
Missyoung Matte Liquid Lipstick 


NR Black Mask Peel Off Mud Blackhead Remove Mineral Mud Pore Clean Deep Cleansing
 Black Mask Peel Off 


99bce652 b3e2 4719 ad4f 918799c52401 - NewChic Wish list
O.TWO.O Make Up Liquid Highlighter



25c9cace 9ef5 1474 7c2c 27f6fe8c274a - NewChic Wish list
5 Pairs False Eyelashes


8d80aaf2 d756 4f6f 8271 5cb13bcb88b7 - NewChic Wish list
Charcoal Black Mask Cleansing 


c1a09fab d689 4e1b 9e5d 48a7249b485d - NewChic Wish list
FOCALLURE Metallic Lipstick 


ffbbf37b dade 4021 a6cd 1b8d8a8e7baf - NewChic Wish list
Beauty Glazed 35 Colors Matte Eyeshadow Palette 


I hope you liked it, this website has so many amazing things, you should check it out! They have international shipping!


139 1521547275 649 - NewChic Wish list





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  1. Love all the black & red and the embroidered trend is lovely!

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