IMG 0834 - Romwe Casual Outfit - Bomber Jacket + Jeans

Romwe Casual Outfit – Bomber Jacket + Jeans

Hello loves! I am sorry that I didn’t  post for a while, I got to resolve some problems and a lot of stuff happened (not so good things) but now I am back, and I hope you didn’t forget me haha.

Let’s jump into the outfit, today’s look is a very casual one, you all know that love to make posts about casual outfits, and for this one I used a embroidered bomber jacket by Romwe, and a pair jeans.


The jacket

Like I said before this one is a embroidered pink and black bomber jacket. I wanted to put my hands on it for a while and now it’s finally here. 😀


The quality

Like all the other Romwe products I reviewed I love the quality on this one, no problems to me. And like always, it fits really well!

The price

You all know that Romwe has amazing affordable products and this one is not different!


Get Romwe Bomber Jackets HERE (starting at $7)

The jeans


I really like the style of this jeans, it’s like  a simple and classic pair of jeans but there is a darker stripes all long the legs and it has ripped hems, of course I loved it!

The quality

As the jacket, it’s great, the only problem was that (like I already said on another review post) my hips are too larger than my waist, every time pants fit good on my hips you can expect that the waist will be a little too big, that’s what happened with these jeans, but it’s not a big problem, I am used to it.


Get Romwe jeans HERE (starting at $5) 


I hope you like this mini review! And don’t forget to check out the sale!

15215996137999542843 - Romwe Casual Outfit - Bomber Jacket + Jeans


  1. I am loving your outfit and specially the jacket is very pretty and feminine <3

  2. Great jacket and I’m loving the side-stripe trend with pants lately (:

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