img 0286 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

Happy Monday loves!

A while ago I posted a Sassy My Prom wishlist. And I got an amazing black embroidered dress. img 0010 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

The quality

Well, I was very surprised at the quality of this dress, it feels very good, the material is excellent, the finish is amazing, you don’t get threads falling out, so I really liked it.

The size

The dress was perfect on my hips, I naturally have a problem find clothes that fits my waist and my hips at the same time, because I have 60 cm (23,6 inches) on my waist and 93 cm (36,62) on my hips, with this dress is was the same problem, perfect on my hips but the waist was a little too big, so I fixed it myself (I always do it) because I prefer that my clothes fit good my hips and I fix the waist and everything is fine!

The price

You get this dress for just $18.50! So you can stop what you’re doing right now and check it out! It’s amazing! So good quality for this price!!

The shipping

They have international shipping! I just share with you websites that ships internationally!


img 0283 - Sassy My Prom Embroidered Dress

If you would like to see some other options please check out my wish list!! HERE

I hope you liked this small review!

See you next time


  1. Beautiful! I have the same issue with finding the right fit, but luckily my mom always helped take in the waist of items I loved that were a little too wide (:

    1. My mom used to help me to, then I moved to another country and I have to do it myself 🙁

  2. I have the same problem with a lot of dresses when it comes to the waist. Its hard finding clothing that conforms to a hip/waist ratio of that difference, but I like to fix my clothes up as well when I can to fit. The dress is so pretty! I absolutely love floral on black 💕

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