img 1827 - ROMWE Embroidery Jacket

ROMWE Embroidery Jacket

Happy Thursday loves!

Today I am sharing with you another outfit, for this one I used a  ROMWE Embroidery Jacket, which I am in love with, it’s kinda out of my comfort zone but I love the way it look like.

The Jacket


It’s a colorful embroidery three quarters sleeve jacket, the quality is very very good, the size is perfect and it fits perfectly on me.

This is one of those jackets that gives a special touch to a simple outfit.



Do I like it? I absolutely love it!!

You can get yours HERE, just for $14.39

Let me know what you think about this outfit!

See you next post!


  1. Stunning look! Love how well it’s put together to further ascent the jacket (:

  2. That jacket is really pretty 🙂 Just wondering, have you placed many orders through Romwe? Ice wanted to order from that website but have heard mixed reviews about the quality of their items. xoxo

    1. Hi! Well, I am happy with the quality of their products, I think the quality is amazing for the price, I read some bad reviews too, but you can’t expect a high end product paying so cheap, you get good products for the price you pay. I really like Romwe and SheIn too. I am surprised with the quality! And if you don’t like it I believe you can send it back easily!

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