NewChic Scarves Wishlist (Under $15)

I was taking a look on the website NewChic (I already posted some things about them HERE) and I found some affordable winter essentials to share with you! The website ships international, so make sure of checking it out!

NewChic Scarves

The red Scarf

Long Solid Shawls And Scarves
Long Solid Shawls And Scarves
€13 HERE

Outfit ideas:



Oversize Blanket Wrap Long Scarf Warm Shawl
Oversize Blanket Wrap Long Scarf 
€7,25 HERE

Outfit ideas:


Millennial Pink

Long Wool Warm Knit Scarf Shawl  Thick Winter Neck Scarves
Long Wool Warm Scarf
€8,89 HERE

Outfit Ideas:



Ethnic Style Wool Cotton Scarves Shawl
Ethnic Style Wool
€14 HERE

Outfit Ideas:


Red Plaid

Colorful Plaid Double Faced Knitted Tweed Scarf Shawl
Colorful Plaid Scarf 
€9,51 HERE


Outfit Ideas:



Black and White

Warm Large Tartan Check Plaid Scarf Shawl Blanket Wraps Stole
Warm Large Plaid Scarf Shawl Blanket 

Outfit Ideas:

I love those scarves!

Thanks for reading!

See you next post!

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