makeup - Weekly Makeup Class #2: The tools (part 2)

Weekly Makeup Class #2: The tools (part 2)

Hello, beauties!

Today is the second part from our “weekly makeup class”, where I am sharing with you some makeup theories that I learned on my Master Makeup Course. I am starting by showing you the essential tools for makeup, the last post I compared the kinds of foundation, powder and concealer (you can read it here).



We it for highlight parts of the face, and make it pop up. You can find it cream, liquid, loose or compact powder, matte or shimmery.

Matte highlighter – we use for contouring the face. (you can see HERE how to contour your face).

Shimmery highlighter – we use to pop up some parts of the face, like the highest points on the cheeks, nose and cupid’s bow.

Powder highlighter – apply with a brush, light to medium coverage.

Cream highlighter – more coverage, used for video and photograph. Applied with a brush or a sponge.



I hope I could explain it well, if you have questions, please, let me know!

Thank you for reading!!



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