2 5 contouring round face - How to contour your face: Round Face

How to contour your face: Round Face

Hi everyone, today’s post is about the contouring on round face, requested by Melanie. I am going to post here how to really contour every face shape, the last post was about long face. If you would like to learn how to contour another shape (oval, square, triangle…) please let me know!
On my first contour post I explained how to find your face shape, if you didn’t read it yet, you can read it here.

So, let’s get started!

The Shape

The biggest characteristic of this face shape is fuller cheeks.

How to Contour


  1. Add the darker tone on the temples, going down on the down part of the cheekbones, looking like a “C” shape near the hair line.
  2. Add the dark shade on the whole jaw line, from the beginning to the chin.




  1. Eyebrows: Apply light foundation up on the browns and on the brown bone.
  2. Apply on the center of the nose and beside the nostril.
  3. Apply on the highest parts of the cheekbones.




Thank you for reading!
Any questions, please, let me know!


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