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How to contour your face: Long Face

Hi everyone, today’s post is about the contouring on long face, I told you on the last post that I am going to do a tutorial per week to show how to really contour your face shape. If you don’t know which shape your face is click here and read the other post.

Today’s shape is the long face because the beauties from the blogs Brooke Clarke and Random Thoughts asked for it. (check out their blogs, they’re amazing!).  So let’s get started!

The Shape

First of all, how to know if my face is really long?

Well, on this shape the size of the forehead is almost equal with the size of the jaw line. An example:

Sem título.png

How to contour:

Everyone knows that we use darker and lighter shades to contour the face. (if you don’t know that, look my last contour post)


1 – Forehead: Apply the darker shade (foundation, powder or cream) on the top of the forehead, very near the hair.

2 – Apply it on the the side of the head.

3 -Cheeks: Apply on your cheeks, but be careful, on the long face you should make a horizontal line on this place, never do like a transversal line if you have a long face, it would make your face look even longer, so always draw a horizontal line!

4 – Chin: apply the dark shade there too, it will make your face look shorter.

Dark correction


1 – Eyebrows: Apply light foundation up on the browns and on the brown bone.

2 – Cheeks: Apply on the cheek bones and on the jaw line.

3 – Apply on the center of the nose and beside the nostril.


It should look like this:


Another important thing, on this face shape you should apply the blush on a horizontal line too!

Thank you for reading! I hope I explained it good, haha
Any questions, please, let me know!


  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for this post!! x

  2. Thanks for this post it was so helpful!

    1. Thank you! ❤

  3. Can you talk more about contour blending ?

    1. Yes! 😀

      1. Thank u , I’d love to know how to do it properly on the nose😂 always manage to mess it up 😖

      2. I can make a post explaining how to contour different nose shapes, like I’m doing with face shapes.

      3. Yeah that would be fab, I think a lot girls could benefit from a post like this, thanks for taking on my suggestion x 💕

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