img 5688 - July KissMe lipsticks by LiveGlam

July KissMe lipsticks by LiveGlam

Let’s talk about something I’m obsessed with: the KissMe Club. Every month you get 3 different shades of Matte liquid lipsticks, and this month shades are wonderful!! 

img 5691 - July KissMe lipsticks by LiveGlam 

Luxe is a lovely peach nude 

img 5690 - July KissMe lipsticks by LiveGlam

Royal is a gorgeous mauve-pink

img 5689 - July KissMe lipsticks by LiveGlam
And the last one, my favorite is Couture, a deep brick-red. 

To get this shades is easy! Click on the banner down below and get the 3 shades just for $19.99/mo. Every month 3 new shades. If you’re a lipstick addicted, like me, it’s like the heavens!! 

Click and check it out:
KissMe Glam Gala July 2017 Collection

If you wanna know more about KissMy by LiveGlam click here

Which shade is your fave?? 

  1. I like “Royal -gorgeous mauve-pink” .

    1. I love it! But my favorite Couture, I love red lipstick

      1. Actually I liked all the shades… they are gorgeous… But somehow I like lighter shades more. And no doubt red is all time favorite for all the occasion. Sexy and confident color.

  2. LOVE Royal! Don’t think I could pull it off though! xx

  3. Wow these shades are gorgeous!

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