img 5609 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 – $8.68) 

Happy Tuesday girls and boys!! 

Today’s post is about affordable but very good lipsticks!  

BhCosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick 

img 5569 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

BH Liquid Lipstick is a luscious, long -wearing and full-coverage. It doesn’t smudge, budge, or transfer. The brand says that it contains Vitamin E for antioxidant protection. It’s available in 10 colors, from baby pink to smoldering red to edgy blackberry, for day-to-night versatility.

img 5568 1 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 
You can get it here. There is a 33% sale on the website. This lipstick usually coasts $8.99 but with this discount you can get just for $6.02! 

BHCosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick

img 5578 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

The metallic line has 8 shades, from nudes to vibrant colorful shades. It drys Matte and has a very good coverage. 

img 5571 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 
You can get it for $5.35 here.

 BhCosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

img 5570 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

This one is a lipstick with this rich and creamy, long-wearing matte lipstick. Bold pigments stay in place all day while shea butter nourishes skin for soft and beautiful lips. 

And you can get it just for $3.68 here. (Normal price: $5.50).

BH Lip Kit: Glory

img 5573 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) img 5574 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

There are some shades of this BH lip kit, and Glory is my fave. This kit includes one BH Liquid Lipstick – Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick in Glory and a matching Waterproof Lip Liner in Glory.

You can get this lip kit here for $8.68. (Normal price $12.95).

Missy Lynn Color Lock – Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

img 5572 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

I LOVE these shades! They’re so beautiful! You can get it here -$4.99

Creme Luxe Lipstick

img 5580 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

My last BhCosmetics lipstick for is post is this Creme Luxe Lipstick, its moisturizer and has amazing shades, it coasts here on this sale just $2.67 (normal price:$3.99).

e.l.f Essential Lipstick 

img 5587 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

These are the essential lipstick shades you must have, and it coats just $0,40! For just 40 cents you get a very quality lipstick. This one is the most affordable I know, and is very good. Get it here

e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick

img 5592 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

$5.00 here

img 5604 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 
This lipstick contains Argan Oil, Rose, and Vitamin E to help condition, replenish, and soothe the lips. You can get it for $3.00 here.

Coastal Scents Luscious lipsticks

img 5577 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 

I met this brand this week, they have very affordable and good products. And I am in love with this packaging! 

img 5607 - Best Affordable Lipsticks ($0.40 - $8.68) 
You can get it here for $3.95
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Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post! Share with us your thoughts and questions! 

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  1. These look so good!! x

  2. I’ve wanted to try a few BH cosmetic products out, I’ll be sure to check them lipsticks out!

    1. I love BhCosmetics products, they’re affordable and very good! I’m obsessed with the Galaxy Chic palette. I’ve been use it almost everyday!

  3. BH cosmetics look soo pretty!!

    1. Yes, it’s so pretty, affordable and good!

  4. I have heard youtubers talk about Coastal Scents, I want to try them and Colour Pop 😍

    1. I ordered some last week, I can’t wait 😍

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