img 5252 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look

My “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Hey guys! Today’s post is about my no makeup, makeup look. 

img 5249 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
I wear this makeup on my everyday and to work. 


I use a neutral cool toned palette. This one I’m using lately is from a Brazilian brand named Jamyne. (It was on my last month favorites post).  But, I use Kylie’s Bronze Palatte too!

img 5231 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look

img 5230 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
1. The first shade I always apply is this very light brown (color 09) on my crease:

img 5236 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
2. I pick up the chocolate brown (color 03) and make my crease darker. 

img 5250 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
3. The last shade I apply is a very dark purple shade, I use it to like my lash lines.

img 5251 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
4. For masquera I use Revlon Dramatic Definition.

img 5253 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look

1. I’m not going to use foundation for this look so I apply a very good primer all over my face, my favorite that minimize my pores and lines.

img 5255 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
2. I apply just concealer on my undereyes and on some marks I wanna hide.

img 5254 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
3. I set my under eye with a translucent power.

img 5256 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
4. The last step is to apply bronzer and a little blush. 


I usually go with Kylie lipgloss in the shade Like. 

img 5257 - My "No Makeup" Makeup Look
What is your favorite makeup for everyday? 

  1. That palette is amazing. Great post. How can I get it ?

    1. Yeah, this palette is great, I love it! I don’t really know where you can get it. Where do you live?

      1. It does look like it. In Portugal

      2. I searched here and I think it just sells here in Brazil, maybe there is a store that ships to Portugal. But I couldn’t find :/

      3. Oh, thank you for taking the time for searching

      4. You’re welcome ❤

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