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Top 5 eyeshadow palettes

Hii! Today I’m going to talk about palettes!! For those who don’t know it, I am crazy for palettes. On this post I’m going to show you my favorites!

#5 Too Faced – Chocolate Bon Bons

Everyone knows that Too Faced palettes are really cute. One of my favorites is this one, it’s amazing, I’m not that fan of colorful eyeshadows, but this palette has amazing pink, brown and gray tones.

Best thing about this palette: the shimmery shades (they’re just amazing)



#4 Urban Decay – Naked 2

I already said that I love neutral eyeshadow looks, so the Naked palettes are one of the bests for me!

This one, the Naked 2 has cool toned brown shades and a wonderful shade named blackout, it’s just the perfect black!

Best thing about this palettes: the shades blackout, tease and foxy!



#3 Urban Decay – Naked

It’s almost like the last, but I love this one even more (Haha) the Naked palette is my first option when I have no idea which make up look I’m going to do. It’s a complete palettes!

Best things about this palette: the basic browns (naked and buck) and the gold and bronze shades (half backed and smog).



#2 Anastasia Beverley Hills – Modern Renaissance

I am just obsessed with this palette, I can’t stop using it! I think this palette is so gorgeous, it’s super pigmented, and the eyeshadows are a kind of creamy (they’re not cream eyeshadows but the texture is very creamy for  powder eyeshadows).

Best things about this palette: I can create so many different looks using this palette! I think the colors are so unique, and the shimmery shades are the best! 


#1 Too Faced – Chocolate Bar

I have a love story about this palette (really). This one was my most wanted palette for a long time, and it’s simply amazing! The package, the shades, the pigmentation, the smell, everything is perfect on this palette. But of course, if you love bright and colorful shades it’s not the right palette for you! But if you (like me) love neutral shades, this one is perfect!

Best thing about this palette: everything! There are two basic shades (milk chocolate and semi-sweet) they’re great to start a smokey eye look. The shimmery shades marzipan, haute chocolate, hazelnut and amaretto are really good pigmented and gorgeous! This palette also has violet and peach shades. So it’s easy to work with when you want not so neutral looks. 


What about you? Let us know your favorite palettes!


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