sam 7953 - How to spot fake Kylie Lip Kits

How to spot fake Kylie Lip Kits

Today I am comparing the real Kylie Lip Kits with the fake ones. Unfortunately, there are some people selling fake products as real. So, it’s good to know how to spot the fake ones, specially when you get one of them not from the original website.

Lip liners

  1. The fake lip liner is a little taller than the real one (you cannot see on the pic because I had to sharp it, so it go smaller) but when you unbox the Lip Kit, you can compare the sizes, the original lip liner is almost the same size of the lipstick, on the fake one it’s taller.
  2. The colorful part on the bottom is longer on the fake lip liner, like you can see on the images.



3. On the fake one you can see a little hole one the bottom:


4. The letters on the fake one looks bolder and a little less focus.


5. On the fake one, you can put out the bottom very easy.


The Lipstick

If we get a look on the lipstick, it’s easier to see wich one is fake, the quality of the pack and product is very cheap and poor, on the other hand, the original one has high quality on the pack and on the product.

  1. The fake on has a cheaper pack, as you can see on the image.
  2. The top is a little thinner than on the real one.
  3. The drops and words on the fake one can be erased easy, just rub it with your nail, and probably it will go out.


4. The design is almost the same, but you can see a difference on the drops:


The drops are different between the real and the fake one, on the same place, the fake one has two drops of the same size, it doesn’t exist on the real one.


5. The applicator:


The fake one has a longer and whiter applicator.

6. The bottom:

The font on the fake one looks a little thinner and smaller, but there aren’t so much differences.

Other Things

The Smell: The real one has a sweet good smell, the fake one has a chemical smell, some fake ones have a sweet smell too, but you can still fell the chemical smell.

Que texture: the fake ones I got are less liquid than the real one.

Be careful buying fake products, no one really knows how they are made and of what they’re made, some can contain strong chemical products that shouldn’t be on makeup. If you want to buy  this products, (it’s your choice, some people like it) test on your arm or behind your ear before applying on your lips, but always prefer to buy the original ones.

If you still have some questions please let me know!

Kisses :*


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