Primer – The First Step

For the first post on the blog, nothing better than start talking about the makeup’s first step: the primer. The primer is essential if you want your makeup to last more time and minimize pores.
You can find primers for skin, lashes, lids and lips. This post I will list my favorite foundation primers.

#1 BareMinerals – Prime Time ($30,00)


This is my favorite primer ever!
It’s like a gel, makes the skin more smooth and really minimize the pores (it’s so efficient that you can see the pores closing after applying the product).
It’s better to use just a little product, like all the primers.


#2 Benefit – The Porefessional ($34,95)


The everyone’s favorite. This is another amazing product that minimize the pores instantly, makes the skin smooth and helps the foundation to last really, really longer.


#3 Avon Magix Face Perfector ($11,00)


The Avon Magix is a affordable alternative, it’s like a dupe for the Porefessional primer. The consistence and effects are really similar. I highly recommend this one.

(If you want a post comparing the both please, let me know.)

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